Your main responsibilities at AMNESTY International
Support and sustain a Regional Space for the chairs and directors of African entities to promote cooperation and learning across the region, including delivering an annual Regional Forum.
Support national entities and the Regional Office for West and Central Africa to develop shared strategies and project plans that align with the movement’s Strategic Goals. Support national entities planning processes and
cross-functional teams to develop and deliver project plans.
Participate in and contribute to growth and mobilization discussions and development of strategies and plans of
the Movement Support Programme and wider IS as appropriate in order to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the movement.
Conduct organisational diagnostics to identify areas for improvement and efficiency.
Provide advice to national entities through coaching programs, the use of mediation methods; support conflict resolution and crisis response and contributes to improve governance and accountability processes using interpersonal skills.
Support a portfolio of membership entities to be viable and growing organizations that contribute to human rights change in line with Amnesty International’s strategic priorities through the provision and/or facilitation of professional organizational development services.
In close collaboration with other IS programs and/or Amnesty International national entities, coordinate the identification and delivery of capacity building needs of national entities.
Support learning processes and sharing of best practices among national entities. Gather information and provide analysis and advice to sections and structure and to the Amnesty international movement.
Maintain oversight of the work of different IS programmes and others in relation to each national entity, coordinating regular exchanges of information to enable a highly coordinated output for greater human rights impact.
Act as a key point for national entities and the IS by responding to queries and providing information as appropriate, including briefings, strategic advice regarding the developments and state of health of national entities. Keep abreast of developments in organizational development theory and practice; contribute to the ongoing learning and skills development of the team.
What does success look like in this job
Amnesty International membership entities receive high quality organizational development and governance
Capacity building needs, mobilisation and activism initiatives are effectively identified, and support is facilitated
directly or in collaboration with subject-matter experts from across or outside the movement.
Organizational development and governance resources and tools are developed and made available to Amnesty International entities and training is provided on how to use them to achieve the best impact.
National entities are supported to deliver sound strategies and plans that align with the movement’s Strategic Goals
Different types of information needs are met, and high-quality reports and briefings are produced in a timely and effective manner.
Good working relationships are maintained with other IS programs, Regional Offices and with national entities.
How we work – our behaviours

Our organisational culture; which essentially represents how we behave, our working relationships and our ability to collaborate as a movement, underpins everything we do and is pivotal to the success of our impact. Our five behaviours form the basis of the type of culture we want to have in Amnesty:

Accountable – I consistently strive to reach my goals in a thorough, timely way that I can be proud of, and I reempower others to do the same.
Considerate – I support my colleagues, and try to find out what motivates them to do their best, and what pressures they are under, so that I can consider this when we work together.
Creative – I continuously look for new and creative solutions and encourage others’ ideas so that we can adapt and succeed in an ever-changing and uncertain global environment
Decisive – I make sound judgements within my work so that a project or activity can progress with pace and confidence.
Respectful – I treat my colleagues with equality and dignity, and assume they have integrity. I value the different perspectives of my colleagues as well as my own and show them that their contributions and expertise matter.
Closing Date: 20 February 2019

AMNESTY International recruits a Regional Capacity Building Coordinator

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